My Skincare Secret Weapons

When it comes to skin, it turns out, keeping it as simple as possible is the best way for me.

Overloading my skin with complicated formulations of ingredients I can barely pronounce has just never served me well. Sadly, it took me all of my teens and early twenties to figure this out! I certainly didn’t have it bad, but I experienced breakouts, dryness and periods of generally unhappy skin. Even today my nemesis is oil and a little too much shine, however, in general, my skin in comparison to back then is an absolute dream. Today I rarely experience any spots, redness or congestion, and although I’m sure simple age is a factor, I believe this turnaround has a lot to do with the change in direction I took in my choice of skincare.

Of course, I can’t guarantee that what has worked for me will work for you, however, it certainly can’t hurt to share what I’ve learnt along the way and shine a light on my current go-to wonder workers, most of which I have used for nearly ten years and genuinely feel have hugely effected the health of my complexion.

Let’s have a nosy…

Clean and calm with

Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser & Makeup Remover 

Antipodes has done it again. This is actually by far the newest addition to my skincare routine, but I love it so much it has rocketed straight to the secret weapon list! …

Simply, this does the job, and then some. Firstly, it effectively removes the day. Tick. (although I give it two rounds of apply and rinse to clean away heavier make-up days). However where this product just sparkles is in how beautifully gentle and nourishing it is. The ingredients are as natural and gorgeous as can be – no stripping, drying or tightness, just clean, soft, calm and happy skin.

If you suffer from any kind of skin distress, I would absolutely recommend a little go with this.


Tone it up with

Akamuti Organic Orange Blossom Water

A spritz of pure joy every morning and night.

I have alternated between this and the Akamuti Organic Rosewater Toner for many years. I think this one pips the rosewater to the post simply because the orange blossom scent is just beautiful. It’s the perfect post cleanse toner or simply as a little refresher. Orange blossom water is perfect for balancing more oily and sensitive skin types, but yet is still very gentle so wont strip. It’s also fabulous at calming redness. This one from Akamuti is organic and 100% pure – free from alcohol, additives and preservatives. The spray bottle is an ideal handbag addition for flights or travel to refresh and brighten. I spritz it directly onto my face to refresh, or directly on to a cotton pad for a more precise, revitalising tone after cleansing.

Shop it here

The face cream dream…

Akamuti Replenishing Rose Face Cream

As I feel with all of the Akamuti range, this is an example of a wonder product that is well under the radar. Unassuming, this little pot is packed with clean, skin nourishing ingredients, including rosehip seed oil, raspberry seed oil and pomegranate oil, all of which provide essential nutrients and vitamins for that healthy glowing skin we all dream of.

I purchased my first pot almost 10 years ago now and have loved it ever since. Oils on the face can be scary I know, especially if like me excess oil and shine is a bother, however I can confirm they are not to be feared and with this cream also containing Golden jojoba oil, (known to actually balance and regularise)… well – Icing. On. Cake.

Shop it here

Get the ball rolling on bright eyes…

Akamuti Rose Berry Eye Revitaliser

Winner of the silver award in ‘The Green Parent’ Natural Beauty Awards 2016, this handy little roller ball is perfect for popping in your toiletry bag when travelling – the ideal ‘spot-on’ care for the delicate area around the eyes. Great for helping with puffy skin and fine lines, rosehip, evening primrose & raspberry seed oil provide vitamins, essential fatty acids and loads of antioxidants to re-hydrate and bring a little sparkle back. This is a permanent fixture of my bed side table!

Shop it here

*Please note: This post is not sponsored or as part of any collaboration with any brand mentioned. These are simply products I use and love.


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